Heppner's Auto Wash Services

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Be sure to ask our staff for assistance if you are interested in something you don't see on our menu!

The Royal, Super and Full Service Wash all include first and second row vacuuming of floors, wiping of the dash and cleaning the inside of the windows.  Additional services are available as A LaCarte or by scheduling a detail.

Royal Wash - Only $26.99 +tax

*Includes Rain-X Complete Surface Protection

*Full-Service Car Wash

*Blue Coral® Triple Conditioner™

*Velocity Clear Coat Protectant

*Underchassis Wash

*Underchassis Rust Inhibitor

Super Wash - Only $21.99 +tax

*Full-Service Car Wash

*Blue Coral® POLY Foam Treatment

*Velocity Clear Coat Protectant

*Underchassis Wash

*Underchassis Rust Inhibitor

Full Service Wash - Only $16.99 +tax

*Exterior Car Wash with Fresh, Soft Water (Underchassis wash available as A LaCarte).

*First and second row vacuuming of floors

*Dash wiped

*Windows Cleaned

*Machine and Hand Dried

A La Carte Menu

*Exterior Only Wash $9.99. (Underchassis wash available as A LaCarte)

*Blue Coral® Triple Conditioner™ $4.25

*Trunk or Cargo Area Vacuumed $2.00

* Complete Surface Protectant $3.50

*FRONT Interior Dressing $7.50

*REAR Interior Dressing $7.50

*Tire Shine $4.00

*Underchassis Wash $3.00

*Floor Mats Power Washed (front & back) $6.00